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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Silent Hill: A horror movie to die for.

Silent Hill poster
Here is another movie review by my amazing daughter "Lazer UniKorn" She's only 12 years old and this is her 2nd movie review!! it's quite an improvement from her 1st one that you can check it out here.

**Spoiler Alert! If You haven't seen this movie yet... Proceed at your own risk!**

 A little girl named,Sharon sleep walks and dreams about a place called, Silent Hill. She draws pictures but, someone draws scary stuff over them. Her mom thinks its Sharon doing the drawings. So her mom takes her to, Silent Hill. On the way there she gets pulled over by a, cop but, her mom drives away. Her mom is going over the speed limit, she sees a little girl that comes out of no-where, walk across the road.Sharon and her mom get in a car crash. As her mom wakes up 3 days later she finds out, her daughter is missing and panics. So she starts entering Silent Hill to find Sharon but, everything starts to change. She starts seeing weird and dead bodies. There is blood everywhere and it’s all disgusting. Then everything goes away and turns back to normal. She starts to realize the progression. So she runs back to her car to see if it will start. As she does that the woman cop arrests her for not pulling over. As they both go through all the horror to find Sharon. They find out that the little girl she almost ran over looks just like Sharon. Then they both find out they are not the only people alive. To escape the darkness they have to run into a church with the other living people. They all call her a witch. Then they become friends with her and the cop. As the people from church help her. They find out, what her daughter looks like and think it’s the other girl. The leader of the church has wanted to kill the other little girl. So they all think she is a witch and try to kill her. The mom escapes and finds the little girl. The little girl tells her everything and she finds out. The leader of the church burned a little girl and Sharon is the only good left of her. So the leader of the church burns up the cop and is about to burn Sharon but, her mom comes in to save her. The people try to kill her mom but, her blood opens a door in the floor from under the ground. The girl that was burned comes out from the ground and, kills the other people. Sharon is free back to her mother after all the killing. They go back home but, are they really home?

My favorite scene from Silent Hill
I liked almost everything about Silent Hill. I loved all the detail they did to the, burning girl’s skin. I liked how they didn't stick with the same monster. They had multiple ones. I think it was a good choice to not make the 2 little girls look the exactly the same. I liked how they made it look like it was snowing but, it was ashes. I like that they did not give the whole movie away at the beginning.
I actually had 2 favorite parts of Silent Hill. My first favorite part was the nurses. I thought that was wicked. It was awesome how they made them make the little noises. I like that their faces were covered up in gauze and, there was old looking blood coming from it. My second favorite part was, the dead body crawling in the bathroom. I loved how the wall and floor would change when the person touched it. I loved how it crawled crookedly and how it looked. 

There really wasn't anything I did not like about Silent Hill. I liked the movie a lot. I don’t think I would really change anything. I thought it was an awesome movie. The movie was different from others. Which is good, I don’t like when movies are the same as others. The plot of the movie was good enough. Over all I thought this was a great movie. I would recommend this movie to, horror/scary movie lovers. I would also suggest that if you can’t take gore, a lot of blood, or killing you should not watch this movie. Kids fewer than 16 need to watch this with an adult/guardian. There is no nudity or bad cussing. If you enjoyed reading my review comment down below.

Rating: ★ 

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