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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rob Zombie Returns to Horror With 31!!!

Rob Zombie 31

Dude I'm just a little excited about this news... OK i'm totally freaking stoked!!!!

Rob Zombie is set to release a new horror movie titled "31". I have no freaking clue what it’s about but that doesn't change my excitement. I freaking love Rob Zombies movies; except maybe House of 1000 Corpses but its sequel Devil’s Rejects & the Halloween movies more than make up for it. Corpses was Zombie’s first movie so I cut him a little slack. Anyways back to 31, a teaser trailer of sorts dropped today but all it shows is clips from Zombie's previous films leading into a close up on the poster. Which is an image of a blood stained clown mask; the mask is reminiscent of the one worn by Michael Meyers in the beginning of the first Halloween movie; it’s also very much like Captain Spaulding's make-up. Most people are speculating this will be a 3rd Halloween movie because of the mask and the title of 31. I myself am hoping its Captain Spaulding and we are getting a prequel to Corpses & Devils Rejects. 

Update: A reader just informed me in the comments. That "31" may be based on John Wayne Gacy killing spree! I never even made that connection. The mask does look kinda similar to his "Pogo the Clown" look. Gacy killed 33 boys tho... so maybe this is about his final days as a killer.? I'm really not sure everything is just speculation at this point. All we have to go on is a teaser image of a clown mask. anyways all you zombies reading this what do you think? let me know in the comments below!!!

Watch the teaser and let me know what you think.

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