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Friday, May 9, 2014

NBC & ABC Give the Ax, a Bunch of TV Shows Canceled!!! UPDATED to Include CBS.

Oh no, all the comedy shows you never watched on TV are being cancelled!!!

UPDATE:  CBS Cancels The Crazy Ones, Friends With Better Lives, Bad Teacher, Intelligence & Hostages.  
Also Entertainment Weekly has a poll Here. vote for your fave!

ABC Cancels The Neighbors Suburgatory, Trophy Wife, Mixology and Super Fun Night

The Neighbors
The Neighbors: A comedy about a family who moves into a gated community where all the neighbors are space aliens.  

Suburgatory: A family comedy about a divorced father who moves from New York to the suburbs to give his teenage daughter a better life.

Trophy Wife
Trophy Wife: A comedy following a young woman who married a much older man, she inherits a difficult relationship with he 3 kids and 2 ex-wives.

Mixology: A comedy following young singles searching for love and life at an upper-class Manhattan bar. 

Super Fun Night (Rebel Wilson)
Super Fun Night: A comedy about an attorney whose relationships with her friends changes after a huge promotion.

NBC Cancels Crisis, Believe, Revolution and Growing Up Fisher

Crisis (Rachael Taylor)
Crisis: an action drama about people who kidnap the children of some of the country’s most powerful people.

Growing Up Fisher: A comedy about a young boy trying to figure out his life after his parents divorce.

Believe: Johnny Sequoyah
Believe: A Sci-fi drama about a girl born with special abilities she can’t control! (X-men much?)

Revolution: A sci-fi dram following a trio of misfits who set out to save the world from anarchy after 15 years of darkness.

Yet utter crap like The freaking Bachelor & Dancing With Washed-Up-Has-Been's (the Stars) both get renewed for a 19th season!!!

I watched Revolution tho it kind of meandered in its second season. I was looking forward to Believe but never had the time to watch it.

Will you be missing any of these shows? Do you actually watch Dancing With the Stars? Let me know what you think!!! 

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