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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#Batfleck (Ben Affleck as Batman) Has Been Revealed!!!

Ben Affleck as Batman
The first image of  Batfleck (Ben Affleck as Batman) in director Zack Snyder’s superhero sequel 

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been revealed. Affleck plays Bruce Wayne/Batman to Henry Cavill’s Superman in the follow-up to Snyder’s 2013 film Man of Steel, with Amy AdamsLaurence Fishburne, and Diane Lane reprising their roles, Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman, and Jesse Eisenberg will play the villainous Lex Luthor.  This new image also shows us the front of the Batmobile after getting a peek under the tarp yesterday.  Both Batman and his vehicle look awesome! the look is different from previous onscreen iterations without being too foreign.  The bat-ears are reminiscent the Adam West‘s Batman costume, and the Batman insignia is freaking gigantic!!!  You can totally tell that Zack Snyder was inspired by The Dark Knight Returns It will be interesting to see how it looks in full color. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters May 6, 2016.

Hit the jump to check out a better view of Batfleck. (Updated With Full Color Pic)

Batfleck: Ben Affleck as Batman
The Dark Knight Returns?
The Dark Knight Returns?
Doesn't the Batfleck suit look just like this?
batfleck in color
Fan Colored Edit (One Can Hope!!!)
Batman images via Zack Snyder. & DanarArt
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