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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hollow Man: A Not-So Hollow Movie Review

Kevin bacon is Hollow ManPaul Verhoeven movies seem to be hit or miss with me. Hollow Man would be a miss; starts with a bang, but quickly looses momentum. Paul Verhoeven establishes a Hitchcockian feel, but suddenly and unexpectedly changes the mood. What we end up watching is a ‘Slasher Film’ with dazzling special effects. 

**Spoiler Alert! Proceed at your own risk! If You haven't seen this movie yet... but I recommend reading the review anyway!!!**

Kevin Bacon, Hollow Man,
The opening scene is a spectacular visual treat; an invisible gorilla is injected with dye quickly filling its vernacular system looking like something out of a Biology textbook! The dazzling visuals keep getting better from there on; unfortunately, the movie doesn’t. This movie seems more like a variation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, than a modern remake of The Invisible Man. The movie looses any credibility once Kevin Bacon becomes the invisible ‘hollow’ man.  Sebastian Caine (Bacon) is supposed to be a well-respected and intelligent biologist. After making himself invisible, does he do anything spectacular with his new ability? Not at all! What does he do? 

That’s right readers…almost instantly, he spies on his girlfriend. Big shocker there! Then, for some unknown reason, he is jealous of his neighbor. Being invisible, can you guess what the ‘Hollow Man’ does? Yep, that’s right! Caine kills him, thus becoming another mindless killing machine. Hollow Man goes on a rampage of rape and murder, Hooray! He also rapes his gorgeous neighbor… just because! Being invisible, he can do as he pleases. Verhoeven didn't intend the rape scene to be shown, saying “a woman being raped by an invisible man would look silly and that's the last thing we'd want to do. [...] It wouldn't express in any way the severity of the violence happening at that moment.” But then he does show the rape; and of course, it looks silly! Sadly, removing said scene wouldn't have saved this mess of a movie.

Kevin Bacon, Elisabeth Shue, Hollow Man,There are a few decent supporting actors, but they have nothing more to do than stand back and witness the hollow man’s chaos. Elisabeth Shue is decent as his love interest/scientific partner; she goes all bad-ass in the end trying to kill her former colleague who is now the monstrous invisible slasher/killer. This movie comes up with visually creative and stunning ways to show you the invisible man. They use every plausible and implausible device to show you Kevin Bacon’s face. If they put even half the effort into the script, as they poured into the effects…it might be a good movie. Hollow Man isn't even close to being a good movie; it’s not ironically bad either. I could pick apart every hole in the plot. However, I’m not going too! I recommend you see Hollow Man, just to appreciate how badly a movie can be made. Hollow Man is Verhoeven's most recent American production… I wonder why that is? The producers even put out fake positive reviews to get people to go see this movie!!!

Rating:   It Was OK (Had so much potential) 

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