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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Desert's Dawn - Chapter Two: Grandpa

Hey Y'all its Barry again. Terr of Down With Media wanted ,me to share more of my book with you. 

Reading Desert's Dawn
My novel was influenced by exploitation and B-movies of the 80's I wanted to do something different where the female heroine is the strongest character. Anyways without further ado... please enjoy the second chapter.

As Promised. To those who are following by book and have read the first chapter (available here)

Here is a sample of chapter two (Absolutely Free) please enjoy!

Desert's Dawn Cover
The next morning at 7:35 A.M, Andrew is awakened by the sound of a lawnmower being started up “What the hell?” he grumbled, still groggy and not really awake enough to determine what the sound was. 
“Damn it!” he finally curses. “Why can't that girl just sleep in on a Sunday morning, like most kids her age?” 
he continued to complain.

Already awake, he decides that he might as well get up and prepare their breakfast. 
Five minutes later, he rolls down the hallway in his wheelchair toward the kitchen. Making a pot of coffee, he starts to 
prepare their meal. By the time he pours himself a cup of coffee, the roaring of the mower abruptly stops. 
“Finished already?” he thought, taking a sip of his coffee, before going over to look out the window. “HUH? I wonder where 
she could be?” he thought, not noticing her in the yard. After finishing preparing their meal, he waits 
around a little longer and then ventures outside to find her. With just little effort, he manages to get his wheelchair outside 
onto the patio.

“’s hot out here!” he complained, noticing that even though it was still early in the morning, the temperature of an 
old thermometer on the patio wall registered 85 degrees. After wiping a bead of sweat off his brow, he turns to notice Sheila's 
weight bench in the corner of the patio.“Hum...I wonder how much she has on here?” he puzzled, noticing the barbells that 
Sheila had positioned on the weight bench. “150 pounds,” he responded in astonishment. “One of these days someone is going 
to have to explain to that girl that she is supposed to be part of the weaker sex,” he laughs, as he continues on with his quest.
After finding the lawn mower stowed away, he suddenly realizes where his little sister probably was. Making his way around 
the house, to the front of the garage, his suspicions are confirmed. “I should have known I'd find you here,” he announced, finding Sheila hard at work polishing her car.

“Oh…Hi Andrew,” she replies, stopping her work for a moment. “I'm sorry if I woke you,” she apologized. “But, I heard on the 
Weather channel, that it was going to be over a hundred degrees by I wanted to get the grass cut early while it was still 
cool.” Andrew is silent for a moment, and then ventures in farther.
“I still can't believe that Joe got this car for you,” he comments, running his hand along the paint's finish.
“He always seems sort of...”
“Cheap?” Sheila interrupted. “Yeah, about blew me away too,” she agreed, wiping a bug off the windshield. Andrew chuckles at

his sister's statement. “After all,” he added, “in the last ten years he hasn't paid you enough to buy gas.”
Sheila pauses for a moment. “Well...maybe not so much in money,” she remarked. “But, over the years I have learned quite a bit 
about auto mechanics with him. And don't forget all the times, when he helped you pay my way to summer camp. In fact, he is 
always there if we need him.”

“Ah, I suppose you're right," he remarked, feeling a little ashamed of the remarks he made about his friend, before quickly 
changing the subject. “This thing has got a 357 Cleveland engine in it...doesn't it?” he asked, making his way around to the front of 
the car.
“It sure does!” Sheila proudly exclaims, lifting up the hood for her older brother to see.
“What a sight!” Andrew expresses. “I had one almost like her back in 1982...just before I…” Andrew stops in mid-sentence and is 
silent for a moment. “Oh, the hell with this somber crap!” he said quickly reversing his emotions. “ know who would just 
love to take a peek at this car?” he asked, getting a shoulder shrug from Sheila. “Your Grampa. What do you say?” he urges.
“Want to go on out there?”

It takes Sheila less than a heartbeat to give a vigorous nod of approval to the idea. 
“Good then!” he responds, heading back in the direction of the house, with Sheila following closely behind him. “After we get
through with breakfast, we'll hit the road.”

8:23 a.m. at the Roberts’ compound, the Sheriff's daughter, Christine Tyler, showers in one of the bay-type shower rooms, 
within the ranch house. Alone, except for her two male escorts, who watch her intently, she tries to wash away the filth she feels, 
after a night of brutality by her captors. “Hurry up!” one of her escorts yelled.
“I just love to watch a chick take a shower,” the second man commented.

After a few more minutes, she does one final rinsing and reluctantly turns the water off, walking shivering with fright toward her Sadistic hosts. “Here bitch,” the first man instructed, tossing her a towel from ten feet away. “Now hurry your ass up and dry off!”
The towel flutters wildly in the damp air of the shower room and almost hits the wet decking, but fortunately Christine is alert 
and manages to snag it with her left hand just before it the water.
She holds it out and studies it for a second…it is a thin, white, not much larger than a hand towel.
“Do you have another tow…? She started to ask, interrupted by the frightening slap of leather against the wet wall of the shower room. She knew that sound all too well, and began to shiver in abject fear.
“Hurry the fuck up you… bitch!!” The first man curses, taking a step towards her.
“No…please ?” She crumbled trembling before her aggressive male antagonist.
“Please …Its okay, this towel is fine…I didn't mean to complain…

The man halted and Christine was sure she saw him grin evilly, before he retreated. No words or commands left his lips but, she
knew what he was thinking, and she dared not anger him further. So, with the inadequate cloth she was given, she went about the difficult task of drying her dripping wet form as best she could?
Fortunately…she was small and somehow managed, just before they came for her. As she sobbed silently, the two men push her against the shower wall. “Hold still cunt!” She heard one man demand, as her face is pressed hard against the wet surface of the wall.
She could not see them from her perspective, but was not surprised when her arms are yanked behind her back. She felt rope touch her bare buttocks and soon her wrists were securely bound. Hands grab at her breasts and are molested, before she is turned 
around to face her captors. Christine can’t stop her tears from falling as she faces their Sadistic and lustful stares. As she starts to 
slide down the wet shower wall, the first man grabs her by the hair and pulls her upright.
There is a few more moments of horrific silence, where she wonders if they will just rape right there on the shower room floor,
then, the first man casually turns to look down the corridor to his right. Sighing, he turns his attention back to Christine and the
other man. “Come on…let’s go!” He said casually, turning to lead the way, as the second man again, roughly takes Christine by the hair and urges her along as he follows.
They escort her to a little room about 100 feet away and shove her roughly in the direction of a small filthy mattress laid out in the middle of the floor. She hits the surface and scrambles into a near fetal position and waits for their next move?
To her surprise, the first man immediately leaves and the second man only watches her for a few seconds longer, before he reaches in blindly along the wall by the entrance door. “I’d rest if I were you,” he said flicking off the switch to a single low wattage
light fixture above her in the room, as he pulls the door almost closed behind him. “Soon,” he chuckled almost inaudibly.
“We'll be back for round two.”
With that…he shuts the door and she is engulfed in total darkness...

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