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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Coraline a 12 Year Old Kids Movie Review

Now for something a little different this is a movie review by my 12 year old daughter. this is her very first review for her absolute favorite movie. I swear she has made us watch this countless times!!!  she is a self described "scene girl" into music, fashion and of course movies. she aspires to be an actress. and wants to be known as "Lazer UniKorn" so without further ado here is her review....

Coraline Poster
This story is about a little 11-year-old girl with blue hair named Coraline Jones. She moves into a new house called the Pink Palace. She is exploring around and she meets a boy named, Wybie. While she explores around the house she finds a little door. She finds out that it’s not any ordinary door. It is a portal to a whole new world. Everything is different there. She thinks that it’s a good place to be, but then she finds out she’s wrong. Will Coraline be safe or not?

Coraline is an outstanding movie produced by Neil Gailman, based off the book. It was a very clever idea to produce the movie with realistic dolls instead of people acting it out. Her blue hair is a unique idea, too. This movie is very detailed, but in the best way! The cinematography fits well with the whole plot of the story. If I had to rate this movie, I would rate it a 5.

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Rating:   Freaking EPIC!!!

Check out the trailer below...