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Friday, March 14, 2014

Bad Milo - a Netflix Movie Review.

I found myself browsing Netflix trying to find something to watch. I probably spend more time looking for a movie than actually watching one. Seriously people my queue is full!! I have to remove stuff to add new stuff anyways... I was intrigued by the premise of a strange looking movie called “Bad Milo”

Bad Milo is the craziest and most disturbing movie I’ve seen since the original Human Centipede. As the title states this movie is bad but in the best kind of way. Bad Milo isn’t the kind of movie one should enjoy watching its gross and disturbing. I wasn’t expecting much; Come one the entire plot of the movie is based on toilette humor! How can one make a film about a demon living in a person’s butt without relying on bad poop jokes? Bad Milo isn’t subtle its over-the-top yet keeps it grounded. The story of Bad Milo is coherent and never loses focus. I was surprising enthralled by the story; the plot is simple yet engaging. Bad Milo isn’t for the weak of stomach and/or heart. This movie is stomach charmingly gross and disgustingly gory! 

Ken Marino plays Duncan a down on his luck accountant who can’t handle stress yet leads a very stressful life. He has extreme anxiety and irritable bowels. Duncan’s job is demeaning; he gets promoted to a stressful position and has to use a bathroom as his office. Home life isn’t any better his mother and wife are pressuring him to have a baby. His problems soon manifest themselves in “Bad Milo” our titular butt monster. Milo looks like a melted version of the baby from dinosaurs or maybe if E.T. did too much “crack” (pardon the pun). Milo is a relentless killer who will take out anyone who upsets his host. I found myself rooting for Milo the “butt monster” each time he came out.  I can’t really explain why but I freaking loved this movie! I don’t want to spoil too much of you fun just go watch it now!!!

Check out the trailer below....

Rating:   Freaking EPIC!!!

Bad Milo is currently streaming on Netflix!!!
recommend you buy this movie though cause its that good Get the DVD!!!

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