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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Troll Hunter - Movie Review

With recent news of a Hollywood re-make of Troll Hunter; directed by none other than British cult film director Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, The Descent). I am actually looking forward to the re-make instead of dreading it. I went back and re-watched the original Troll Hunter. At first glance one would assume this is just another Blair Witch Project knockoff; the “found-footage” (the movie was supposedly assembled from a college film crew’s unedited tapes, mysteriously abandoned and somehow mysteriously obtained) setup has been overdone to death. Troll Hunter makes the found-footage aspect work; the documentary feel helps the fantasy elements look realistic. Brief glimpses of the trolls are slowly revealed which helps add mystery. At first you’re not even sure the trolls are real; is the nominal Troll Hunter delusional? Legendary Norwegian comedian Otto Jespersen gives a great performance as our titular hero Hans Trollhunter (though he states “There's nothing heroic about what I do. It's dirty work”)

Troll Hunter was a pleasant surprise and I found it even better then second time around, the movie begins like any other documentary we are following a group of college kids (played by unknown actors) on the trail of who they think is a poacher, responsible for a recent slew of mysterious bear killings. Hans isn’t pleased with these meddlesome kids following him around. After following Hans for a few days he the film starts to pick up as you realize the Trolls are very real. There is a huge government conspiracy at play and a surprising reason for massive remote power lines. I don’t want to give too much away as I feel revealing too much takes away from the wonder and; mystery of this amazing film! If you haven’t seen Troll Hunter yet I highly recommend that you do. I loved this movie and would place in my top 5 favorite recent films.

Rating:   Freaking EPIC!!!

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