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Sunday, September 22, 2013

One Hell of a Ride! - Hell Ride - Movie Review

Quentin Tarantino had a big part to play in creating this movie, not just sticking his “presented by…” on the front cover.

Hell Ride Poster
You ever have those moments where you and your friends' are sitting on the sofa drinking beer and watching old movies? One of your buds blurts out some crazy idea like “Dude, wouldn't it be cool if there was like a ninja werewolf movie?!” everyone gets exited and it becomes the topic for the next week. That’s what happens at Quentin Tarantino’s house, except he has the money and balls to pursue such a crazy idea. Tarantino was watching old biker movies starring Larry Bishop. He had the crazy idea to get Larry Bishop and make “the greatest biker movie of all time!” Am I ever glad that he did!

**Spoiler Alert! - May Contain Minor Spoilers**

This movie lives up to its title, Hell Ride; a violent stylized homage to the raunchy biker flicks of the 70’s.  Written by, directed by, and starring Larry Bishop!  Bishop is Pistolero: leader of the outlaw biker gang. Pistolero is 53 (Larry Bishop was 60) and has the bravado of someone half his age. Hell Ride also stars Michael Madsen as “the Gent”, a tuxedo-wearing playboy whose white shirt never gets dirty. Eric Balfour is the mysterious “Comanche” who seems more like a cowboy than a biker. Hell Ride features Vinnie Jones as “Billy Wings” the crossbow-wielding, bad-ass leader of the rival gang.  The women are shamefully exploited as nudity is everywhere. One surprise is the main female never gets naked yet she is the sexiest thing on-screen. Also, look for memorable performances from Dennis Hopper & David Carradine.

Hell Ride
Hell Ride has a retro 70’s exploitation feel with modern dialogue. Bishop had his tongue firmly planted in cheek while writing the script; the wordplay and innuendo are way over the top. The look, feel and overall style of this movie fit perfectly to the genre. Parts of the movie feel like a spaghetti western but with choppers instead of steeds. The motorcycles used are vintage 70’s. Each bike plays as much a character as the actors who ride them. A group of old school dudes having a blast paying homage to retro movies. This is exploitation at is best, a nonstop roller-coaster! So, strap yourself in for one hell of a ride!

Rating:   Freaking EPIC!!!

Check out the trailer below & go buy Hell Ride now!

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