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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Weather Man - Movie Review

the Weather Man Poster

The Weather Man is an offbeat character study; a realistic story with subtle comedy. Gore Verbinski, who previously made Pirates of the Caribbean & The Ring, directed this movie. I think this is his best work an under-rated tale of acceptance. Ron Burgundy he is not, as this is the story of a real-life weatherman.

At the beginning, we find David Spritz (Nicolas Cage) in a midlife crisis. He has a well-paying successful job, which he deems is a failure. Even though he works maybe 2 hours each day, Spritz isn't happy. Spritz is a well-known TV personality, the local weatherman, but he isn't a great weatherman. In fact, he’s downright lousy. The viewing public blames Spritz for the inaccurate weather forecast. But, Spritz isn't a real meteorologist. He doesn’t make these predictions himself! He reads from a teleprompter and the forecast is always wrong! Fans throw fast food at him when they see him in public, and this quickly becomes one of the running gags in this dark comedy.

**Spoiler Alert! If You haven't seen this movie yet...**

Nicolas Cage the Weather Man
Katniss Everdeen he is not!!
David Spritz makes a lot of money and has all the material possessions one could ever want. His family is broken, he’s divorced, and his kids are in trouble. Spritzs’ 12-year-old daughter Shelly (Gemmennede la Pena) is overweight and has emotional issues; his teenage son Mike (Nicholas Hoult) is a drug addict fresh out of rehab. He desperately tries being a good father, but has no clue where to begin. Despite his efforts, Spritz feels it’s too late to get to know his son. Instead, he decides to bond with his daughter. A humorous and awkward conversation with his daughter involving a camel-toe (which is her nickname in school) ensues. Anyways, he encourages her to choose an activity they can do together. Shelly decides to take up archery; and Spritz, as any good father would, goes out and purchases the best gear money can buy! He signs his daughter up for premium archery lessons, but I’ll let you guess how many they attend.

the Weather Man (Poster)
He likes to park his car in front of his ex-wives house, and dream about the past. Spritz tries to woo his ex-wife Noreen (Hope Davis) to rebuild his picture perfect family; however, were they ever perfect? He believes his father (Michael Caine) deems him as a failure because of his career choice. However, his father isn't disappointed in his choices, but rather let down; his son doesn't take his occupation or anything else in life seriously. Spritz can never find the proper note or right behavior; he over-reacts to mediocre things and fails to notice the bigger picture. Spritz has too much on his mind causing him to think too much. He over-analyzes everything to a fault. People think Spritz does the wrong thing on purpose or that he simply doesn't care. In truth, he is always trying to do what he thinks is right but always fails. In all actuality,Spritz tries too hard. All he has to do is relax let go. Like Spritz’s father says “you know that the harder thing to do and the right thing to do are usually the same thing? Nothing that has meaning is easy. "Easy" doesn't enter into grown-up life.” Dave Spritz has to come to terms with himself and accept his life for what it is. Watch it for yourself, and see how this tale unfolds.

Rating: ☆  Awesome Movie Dude!

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